Monday, October 29, 2007

Wonders of Wonders

Well, we made it through the weekend. Had a really great time with family, and we lived through the car ride to and from.
Michael only got car sick once. We were still in the city, and we said to me, Mommy, I throw up. When I looked in the rear view mirror at my son, I realized that he had actually thrown up. he wasn't just telling me a story about how he threw up in the car two months ago (Toddlers have this great way of remembering things from a long time ago, but then not remembering that you told them two minutes ago not to jump off the living room table). Pulled over into the walgreens, changed Michael's clothes in the front seat of our car while he was waving and saying hello to every passer-by. He is NOTHING if not friendly. Got on the road and made pretty good time. In the 4 1/2 hours, he didn't throw up again and actually slept for about an hour. this kid NEVER sleeps in the car.
When we got to our first of two big parties in old St. Louie, Michael was a hit. Hugging people he hadn't seen in two years, saying all the necessary please ad thank you's, and only jumping off things that were of reasonable heights. The coolers, the benches. He didn't even hit the puppies too hard. All around, a good time was had. We left that party at about eight. Michael was in bed, asleep, no later than nine. I have a really great kid!!!!
Got to work on the party when I got the baby to bed. I didn't have many duties, so it was all pretty relaxing. Got to talk to my mom-in-law a lot. I am truly blessed to have a wonderful family of in-laws. I don't know of anyone who loves their in-laws as much as I love mine, and I wouldn't have it any other way!
My Brother in law and sister in law got in about eleven that night and we talked to a little while and got to bed around one. Once again, a good time was had by all!
Grandma and Granpa's 60th anniversary party on Saturday went off with very few hitches. Everybody was where they were supposed to be, all the food was where it was supposed to be, and everything was pretty much in place. We got to watch some great old home movies. Those kind of movies that make you wish for much simpler times and more times with family. The food was great, the company was amazing, and Michael was still saying his please and thank you's.
I learned my son is no longer afraid of cake, icing, or cookies. I should have known that it couldn't last. I found out that he can jump off anything he can climb up on. I also learned that he isn't really afraid of dogs, not even 60 pound chocolate labs that could topple him over in a second. I sometimes wonder if he's missing the part of his brain that would make him scared of things that are so much bigger than him. He really is fearless, and strong. I think this is a bad combination for a two year old. Ihave been told that it's normal. But I still think it's bad...He had a great time, so did I.
We left Sunday morning at about 10:30. Michael slept for 2 and a half hours on the way home. He better be careful, I might get spoiled by all this sleeping in the car! We got home and ate a very bad-for-you dinner and Michael was in bed by seven. I love bed time. I did no cleaning up, no working and pretty much no talking the rest of the night. A glorius time was had by all!!!!!
So now it's back to the hustle and bustle. Up at six, work until seven thirty, shower, get the baby up, feed him, answer the door for the three year old I babysit for, play games, snack, more games, lunch, NAP for kids while I work, get kids up, husband comes home, other kid gets picked up, husband and baby go out while I work and make dinner, dinner, bath, bed for kid and more work for me, or scrapbooking, or blanket making, or , well I'm sure you get the picture. In there somewhere, I also clean the house, kiss boo boos, read, do Bible study,pay bills,......It's never ending, but I wouldn't have it any other way!!

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