Thursday, September 08, 2011

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I Love Ya Tomorrow, You're Alway's a Day Away!!

I have always been a fan of the movie "Annie". I haven't had the opportunity to see the play, but if I get the chance, I'll be all over that. Even as a child, Annie's optimism amazed me. I was six when the movie came out, and I had never known that kind of optimism. My world always seemed kinda gloomy and I was always waiting for the next shoe to drop, so to speak. At six, I was in the middle of a long series of testing that would go on for another two years before I ever got a diagnosis of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. Watching Annie, who didn't have a home (orphanage does not count), who didn't have a family, who didn't have anything, made me feel a little like a schmuck, even at six. I had a roof over my head, a mother who adored me and would do ANYTHING for me, a brother who could be tolerated, and an extended family that helped us as much as they could. So what if I had a father who was never around, and when he was, he was a mean drunk, so what if I was in pain and nobody knew the reason why, so what if my brother was a typical brother and picked on me all the time. Compared to Annie, I had it good.
Times changed, I've gone through times of major pessimism where everyone around me wanted to shoot me. I've gone through times of great optimism, where again, everyone wanted to shoot me. On the whole, I think I'm an optimist. Although, I'm very sarcastic by nature (did you ever meet my Mom? I come by it honestly:), so i think some people still think I'm a pessimist. And when people ask me how I am, I tend to give it to them straight. And since, I'm not all that healthy right now, it doesn't sound so great. But I'm not good a sugarcoating, and i won't try to be good at it, I don't have time.
I will tell you this. I KNOW I am blessed. Doctor's told be when I was eight that I probably would not be walking when I was 12. I'm 35 and still walking. With alot of pain, but still walking. I was told that I may not be able to have kids because of all the experimental stuff I've been on (most of which is no longer experimental, but in use), I have a beautiful biological son who melts my heart almost every time I look at him. When I was in my early teens, I thought I would never get married, who would want to put up with all this? My husband, Geoff, is the most amazing man ever. really. We've been married just over nine years and have been together for about 12 years. I have better in-laws than most people could ever dream of. We own a condo (although it is in Chicago and we're in Syracuse). See, extremely blessed.
I'm getting into this because, as noted in previous posts, I'm having surgery tomorrow. I'm excited about this surgery, but not necessarily about the outcome. Heck, the doc isn't even all that optimistic, and he's and incredibly optimistic guy. I'm excited because I know, even if it doesn't take away the pain, it puts me that much closer to a total knee replacement. I've known this was going to happen since I was eight. So I've been able to hold it off for a long time. And I'm VERY optimistic about what a replacement could do for me:)
So tomorrow, please send and prayers and happy thoughts my way. All are needed and greatly appreciated.
Less than 24 hours to go!!!!!

Monday, September 05, 2011

The Great American Knee Surgery of 2011 and Other Amazing Things

I'm just writing to keep everyone updated on our life here in the great Northeastern United States. Of course that's why I'm writing. Why else would I be writing. Oh well...
Currently I'm getting ready for the Great Arthroscopic Knee Surgery of 2011 (that's really what i'm gonna start calling it:) I'm making lists right now. Shopping lists, to do lists, Michael lists, Geoff lists and, of course, Daina lists. I do love my lists. I feel awesome when I get to check something off mys lists, and they are quite long right now...
On that note. Does anyone have any great things one should have by their side during recovery from such an operation? Any tips or tricks for manneuvering through the day with and even more bum knee? Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
I'm hoping to get a video of my surgery, not sure if that would happen, but it would be neat. if I do get one, it will be posted here, just a warning:)
Michael starts school tomorrow, and while I'm a bit nervous for him, I'm extremely excited, for him and me!!He's got a great team working with him this year and I'm looking forward to working with them all! My friend Brandi will be picking him up from the apart and taking him to the bus if I can't (she's pretty awesome). Of course, Mom will do it while she's here. I've got a wonderful prayer team (thank you!!!!)and a wonderful support group of friends and family (thank you too!!!!).
I should have an infusion this week, but because of the GAKS (yay the acronym is GAKS!! How awesome is that??) I will not have it until the 22nd. The last week is always hard, think it will be harder now. My fingers are swollen and I'm gonna have to do some fancy manneuvering to get my rings off my finger, but this will work!!!I have four doc appts this week (not including the GAKS) and an appointment with two of Michael's teachers. Busy busy busy!! See why my lists are important?
Last week we had Maw Maw and Paw Paw in for 6 days!!!!So much fun and so busy. The day they left I started with a fever and slept for two days. But on the upswing now.
We went to the fair, and to Dinosaur BBQ, and to Southwick Beach, and they took Michael miniature golfing while I had a doc appt, and Mom and I did a puzzle (actually, finished one we started when they were up here in April. i have one of those things that role puzzles up, so i had saved it for the next time we were together:). Mom and I went to the brand spanking new Hobby Lobby just up the street from us in Fayetteville. Annnnnnddddd we removed Michael's training wheels!!He's been able to ride without them for quite some time, but he refused, but he finally agreed:) All in all had a great time. We LOVE having them visit, especially since we know how hard it is for Dad to get away, such a blessing!

Some cuddle time with Michael and Paw Paw

Removing the training wheels, he's soooo big!!

First war wound. he handled it well and got right back on the bike after being given the band aid (it was pretty gross:(

Mom is coming back up on Sunday the 11th to take care of the boy and I after my surgery, so geoff doesn't have to take alot of time off work. Hopefully we'll have an extended Holiday this year with family, since we've missed out on so much because of my knee and not knowing what was going on with it. LOVE my husbands family!!!!I really cannot stress that enough!!