Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm a square

So, this is the afghan Christina and I crocheted for our wonderful Mother in Law. I'm pretty sure she liked it, though I was the first to nap with it:)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Pictures and updates

First, let me say this. It's not my fault. It is not my fault that the doctor didn't send in for the pre-approval for the chest CT when he was supposed to. It is not my fault that the pre-approval has not been received yet. is not my fault that I have NOT had the chest CT yet. Still working on that, it will be a relief to get that over with..
Below are some pictures of our fishing trip to northern Arkansas. Every person in the pic was with us for our three day fishing trip. All Geoff's siblings and their significant others. Geoff's Mom, Dad, Grandfather, Aunt and Uncle and their children. Plus, the three of us and Nora (Christina's Mom). It was a HUGE cabin and we all had a great time!!!!
This was taken after the second day of fishing. Check out those fish eyes:)
While we were at Maw Maw and Paw Paw's house in Little Rock, Michael decided he was ready to start using the potty for everything and made us all very proud:) As his special present, he requested a ride on Paw Paw's tractor. Ask and you shall receive:)
He actually took quite a few trips on that tractor after this. He went for rides with Alison, Jeremy and Geoff too:)
When we got home and I had the kidney stones, Geoff decided I needed some cheering up, so he planted a pretty little garden in our from patch of dirt. I think it looks lovely! The stuff in the little pots is some Yellow Moss that came home with us from Arkansas. It doesn't look very good in this pic, but it is finally starting to look alive! He also planted the two hanging plants.
We also have some tomatoes and other flowers growing in the back in some pots (more sun back there) but there's not much to see yet...
We went for a bike ride this weekend, all three of us had a great time!! There's lots of place to go bike riding around here and Michael is loving the family time outside on his bike.
We went fishing last weekend, but none of us caught anything. Hopefully we'll find someplace good to go fishing soon.
It's Tuesday and I'm back to the normal routine. Hope all is well!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Over a month?????

OK, we went to Little Rock and had a great time. Such a huge loving family all under one roof. Luckily, it's a big roof, so it wasn't too crowded. We went fishing in Northern AR on the White River and I enjoyed myself and learned to fish a little and can't wait to do some of that here!! I'll post pics of that very soon!
About four days after returning home I was taken to the emergency room. Go figure. Kidney Stones AGAIN!!!! OK, so it's been four years since the last one, but that really wasn't long enough! After 4 trips to the ER and 3 CT scans and two X-Rays and a couple ultrasounds, I am finally feeling better and able to move, That was two and a half weeks go and I just started feeling better this past weekend, which is why I've been absent.
With all those CTs we found I had more stones, they're just resting there, so I'm waiting for another Bomb to blow. They also found a number of "Pulmonary Nodules" . The bottom of my lungs showed up in the abdominal CT and showed a lot of little bumps on it. So, now I get to go in for a CT of my chest. We'll see how that goes. I thought that would be tomorrow, but now it might not be until next week. Pray.....
Other than that, we're doing well here. Geoff planted me a little garden of plants while I was sick and a couple of hanging baskets. Geoff did the housework and the cooking and most of the caring for the child. So I think he should get a good fathers day gift...
I will post pics of the trip and the garden once everything is downloaded