Tuesday, June 24, 2008

How to Go Nowhere Fast....

We went canoeing with Michael this weekend at Beaver Lake. We went all around the lake and Michael actually kept his bottom in the canoe almost the whole time:) He tried to pick water lillies, I then tr ied to explain that that wasn't possible and that the frogs needed the lillies to jump on. I think he bought that one....

We saw 3 turtles and one frog and I was lucky enough to get 11 mosquito bites while we were out. Yay!

We found a new kind of water lilly. I've decided that when we get a house and a pond, I want one of these!

These pine trees were amazing! I loved the way they line the path. Michael kept looking up and saying..."The trees are REALLY tall!" He has a knack for stating the obvious:)
Look closely, a frog is in there... One of the turtles
Geoff is eating and Michael is jumping...
Some ducks were born a little late. Aren't the adorable?!!I've never seen so many ducklings!

The duck on the left is the baby, born a couple months ago. He's almost as big as Mamma!

The Gosslings are HUGE now! And you really have to watch your step when walking through the grass. They have a tendancy to leave alot of yucky stuff lying around:P

Our friendly groundhog (woodchuck). He lives behind our house and pays a visit to our back porch every now and then. Geoff got some good pictures of him. Too bad most of them were through the screen...... We're obviously still having a lot of fun with the wildlife.

Michael's new friend Anna. He already has a thing for older women. She's 4 1/2:)

We're going to Ocean City MD for the 4th (Thanks Jenny!!!!) So we'll have lots of pictures from that, I'm sure...

Our condo in Chicago still hasn't sold. I think I may shout it from the roof top once it does, so keep praying!

I started the remicade infusions last Thursday, all went well and I didn't show any signs of an allergic reaction, so I'll have another infusion on the 3rd of July, then the 3rd of August and then I will only have to go in about ever 6-8 weeks. I don't have to give myself shots anymore and the infusion is almost like a spa day. I get to sit in a comfy chair and read for a few hours. They bring me juice and snacks and I don't have to to anything while there. So, let's hope the medication starts working after the next infusion, because I don't feel any different yet.

Hope all is well with everyone!!!!!


christina said...

have you named your woodchuck yet?

daina said...

Not yet, any suggestions?