Friday, June 12, 2009


This will be a good news, still don't know news, and extra cute pics entry.

Seriously. I don't have Lung Cancer, that is VERY good news. The nodules on my lungs are just scar tissue. They still want a followup CT in 8 months, but nothing to worry about. When I had that bout with pleurisy so long ago, it left lots of little scars on my lungs, so that's what the unidentified objects are:)
Problem: when they did the CT on my lungs, they found a "mass" on my Thymus gland. They wanted an MRI on that. I waited on another approval from the insurance company. I had the first MRI on Tuesday (today is Friday). They called me back in for more views later on Tuesday, but because I have a son and am his sole caretaker during the day, I couldn't make it back in until yesterday. Went in yesterday for the extra views. The doc called yesterday at around four to tell me the results are "inconclusive". She wants to see me in her office and I have an appointment first thing Monday morning. After talking to a couple nurse friends of mine, they told me that she'll probably refer me to someone for a biopsy, but we can't be sure until Monday.
For those of you who don't know (I didn't until a couple weeks ago), the Thymus is a gland that helps the immune system until your out of puberty, then it does nothing but shrink until it's nothing but fat (when you're about 60). So the gland itself isn't all that important, or is it????Remember, I said helps the immune system. Does everyone remember that MY immune system has always worked AGAINST my body instead of for it? That's what Rheumatoid Arthritis does, that's its job.Anyway, people who get masses on their Thymus gland generally have, or end up with, an autoimmune disease. Yay Me!!!!! So, could be something bad, could just be nothing. If it's something bad, they'll just take out the entire thymus, they don't mess around with just removing the mass, the thymus is too small and it doesn't do anything. So, still alot of speculation right now. But I feel fine, except for the fact that I haven had a remicade infusion in about four weeks, so I feel like I have arthritis, but my "spa day" is next Thursday, and then I will feel much better:)
OK, and because these were too cute to pass up, here's a few pis of my Boy (or boy's or friend and boy....)
Michael and Geoff with a sign that says "(I'm cute, but I may have rabies" PERFECT!!

Michael and our good friend Marcia roughhousing in the tee-pee. They don't look like their very happy, Do they?(Insert sarcasm..)This was up at Mexico point, so beautiful and Marcia was an excellent tour guide!!
And last but not least. Michael has been given ALOT of Time-Outs lately. Here's one when we were on a fishing trip. He decided to run into the woods.....
OK. That's it for now. Will definitely update after my appointment on Monday. Plus, I'm sure we'll make it to a fun park or something this weekend...

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