Saturday, February 04, 2012


Hey all!!!! My resolutions are going pretty well. All except for updating this here blog. But life has been crazy. I have an awesome excuse, really I do!!!!
Our close date is Mid March. Which, by the way, is only 6 weeks away. We may be able to close earlier if underwriting doesn't take as long as is estimated. It's a cute little yellow ranch just .75 miles from where we live now. It sits on about half an acre, which will be great fun for Michael, since he would rather be outside than anywhere! It has three bedrooms (smaller than what we have here at the apartment, but the main living areas are bigger, which is more important to us). One of the bedrooms will be my craft room. I'm so very excited about having a designated area for all my crafty goodness. Pretty sure I've forgotten half of what I have here because I can't see it when it's all the way in the basement. We'll get to have all of our stuff in a designated space instead of in boxes in the basement. It's gonna be like a huge Christmas when we unpack since we haven't seen what's in those boxes down there for about four years. I know they say is you haven't used it in that long, you don't need it. But the stuff in those boxes is sentimental stuff. Blankets that grandma made, cards mom gave me, clothes that will hopefully fit again soon:) So it will be super fun to unpack:) The inside needs to be updated. The same people lived in it from the time it was built in 1953 until just about six months ago, when they went into assisted living. So it's got some really bad wallpaper and no dishwasher and bad paint color choices in all of the bedrooms, but we can fix that all easily. I can't wait!!!!!
I've been sick for the last two months, which isn't fun, but I haven't had a chance to really stop, so getting well is taking awhile. Geoff has been sick for the last week and Michael is trying to get sick to. Seriously, we need to quarantine our house! I think most of us are on the mend though.
That's about it for now!!!


RDFields said...

Don't worry about posting a lot...I don't post often, but I try...(try being the key word)...I try to make them good ones!

Fernando Bouley said...

The house sounds like a great catch! I’m sure you guys absolutely love it right now (or will love it, if you haven’t moved in yet, hehe)! A relative of mine just moved into his new home in Kansas City, MO, which he purchased with a bank loan. I was with him when he applied for the loan, and it was a quick and easy process. It definitely eased his mind when he went house-hunting, too!

Anonymous said...

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