Monday, March 11, 2013

March 19th already???

March 19th is quickly approaching. What's the big deal you ask? Well, it marks a year since the moving truck brought all of our stuff to our lovely yellow house and we began living here. It was also the start of a very hard season in the lives of the Syracuse Stocks.
On March 23rd, 2012 Geoff went into the hospital due to an Acute Intermittent Porphyria attack. After a week of him on hardcore medication and being mostly asleep and not being able to be touched by anyone due to the pain, he was released and told to up his carbs and protein and to take it easy. I'm pretty sure he's just getting back to normal now.
On May 6th, 2012, I was admitted to the same hospital one floor below where my husband had been. I was having more trouble with kidney stones and one had gotten stuck in scar tissue and required surgery. unfortunately, with my limited healing ability, I was in the hospital on copious amounts of pain killers (IV, Patch, and oral) and iv antibiotics and fluids, for about a week and a half. This included mothers day. I also got to call my sister in law and tell her I wouldn't be able to make it to her wedding on the 19th (I was a bridesmaid). The docs said no travelling (plus, when released, I couldn't move without pain until the removed the stent). But not to worry, my two boys will still be there!!!
I was released on the 17th. The day I got home, I overheard Geoff talking to someone. Turns out, he was talking to his doctor. It seems the stress of my hospitalization triggered another episode for my hubby. Thank goodness, he was able to stay out of the hospital this time, just had to go in for numerous infusions. But guess what, no travelling for him either. So, he called his sister and had to tell her (with some tears in his eyes) that the Syracuse Stocks would NOT be represented at her wedding.
By July, my pain was gone, Geoff seemed to be pretty OK and we were getting things unpacked (FINALLY) at our house.
Beginning of August, I broke my foot and got to wear the boot again. During the boot wearing time I broke my foot in two other places. I got a real cast and crutches Mid November.I got the cast off the end of January and the boot back on. No more boot the middle of February. Referred to a lower extremity orthopedist.
Through all this my liver enzyme levels have been REALLY fluctuating and I've been taken off of numerous medications for the rheumatoid arthritis, I've passed another kidney stone (the first time that didn't require any medical intervention, except pain killers). Geoff's stuff has fluctuated. We've traveled a couple times to see family and Michael has had ups and downs with school.
But we are an awesome family and the three of us support each other and laugh and cry and joke together..
We truly are blessed. W have our family, we are alive, we have a lovely home. Our little family became bigger with the addition of a Brittany named Spot. So now the Syracuse Stocks consists of a Mom, a Dad, a Son, a Dog and a Cat. We are truly blessed. That's what I keep thinking of. With everything that has happened, we have what we need and what we love.

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