Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sick again, knitting again, travelling again

So, Michael is sick, again. It seems he's been sick for the past three months and I might just go crazy because of it. My normally independent little boy turns into a clingy, emotional(well he IS two) little boy whenever he runs a fever or gets a boo boo. These boo boos are bad. He's got blisters in his mouth and on his hands and on his feet. It's called hand, foot and mouth disease. No, it's not the same as hoof and mouth disease (mad cow). It's highly contagious and he probably got it from swimming lessons, so we've been pretty much quarantined this week. I've run a few errands, but haven't had contact with other people all week long (I did go to scrap booking on Tuesday, so I guess that's something). More importantly is that he hasn't eaten all week. I suppose if I had jelly bean sized blisters on my tongue, I wouldn't have much of a desire to eat either! Things are looking up though, yesterday he ate five bananas, a couple of cheese sticks, two bowls of applesauce and some Mac and Cheese. That's the most he's eaten since Saturday. So keep praying, hopefully we won't be going to the doctor again anytime soon:)

I knitted another washcloth. This one turned out very well. It's just a red washcloth with a Christmas Stocking Pattern, but it's very nice. I might keep this one for myself:) I also got the Stitch n Bitch book from the Library, I think I'm putting it on my Christmas List. I can't wait till I get better, I don't think I'll get faster, but I will get better! The picture doesn't show the stocking very well, but I'm sure you can see it a little:)

For those of you who are wondering, I will be doing Thanksgiving in St. Louis this year. Most of the the family will be there (Minus two SILs and one BIL, who will be missed). It will be an eating, gabbing, love extravaganza. I'm very excited about it. Once again, I am so very blessed to have a set of in laws that I actually get excited to see! I think everyone should try it.

I cut my hair again, soooooooooooo short. It's so much easier and I don't think I will ever go back. I don't like my long hair, I have to do to much to it. So I took that ten inches and shipped it off to some organization to make a wig out of it. Now I've got about an inch of hair all over my head. Everyone should try this once too!

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