Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Turkey Day

Thursday is turkey day. I can't wait for all the food and family! I'm taking my crochet and knitting stuff down to St. Louis so my MIL can help me learn to crochet on the round and maybe help me knit that way too!. I want to make a hat, and since she makes hat for babies in the hospital, she will be able to help me with this.
When I see Christina in December, she'll be able to help me too! What I really need is for all my Sisters to live with me so I can use all of their talents!!! Christina for her sewing and crochet, Theresa for her scrap booking, Alison for her willingness to try anything and to help other people. I also need my Mother in Law here, she knows how to do EVERYTHING!!!
I'm almost finished with my crochet scarf, It looks pretty good. I learned I need to use a stitch marker when turning rows. That way I end up with a straight line instead of a trapezoid looking thing!I'll take pics when I finish, probably won't be until after the little Holiday we're taking though. I won't have access to a computer while in St. Louis, but I'll take lots of pictures of the action:)
I'm using the ProvoCraft Ergonomic handles Crochet hook set and it works wonderfully! When I used the regular hooks, my hands got very stiff and swollen very quickly. With these hooks, that doesn't happen as quickly, so if anyone is thinking about them, get them. Most craft stores have them now and you can get a 50% off coupon and then they're only about 10 bucks, and totally worth it. I just wish they made other hook sizes for them.....Here's the link: http://www.provocraft.com/products/detail.php?cl=knifty%20knitter&scl=needlecrafts&cat=&item=21-0246

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