Wednesday, March 12, 2008


OK, I'm moving. To Syracuse New York. The 31st of this month. CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Geoff got a new job, making a lot more money in a city that cost about half as much to live in as Chicago.

I'm scared and excited all at the same time. We will be renting a townhouse until our place sells. But get this....the townhouse will have the same square footage, plus a washer and dryer and a basement to keep all our extra stuff! And the rent there is less than half of our mortgage! This is all so crazy, every time I think about the money part of it I get a little sick....

We will miss everyone here all our friends who mean sooo much to us, but this is such an excellent opportunity, we just can't pass it up.

My office is still going to allow me to work from home. My hours will be cut, but it's still extra income, and since we will have a mortgage and rent for a while, it's needed. We will also need another car soon, but that should be able to wait until we sell the condo.

Michael had his three year checkup today. He's 39 inches tall and 34 1/2 pounds. He's in the 85th percentile for height and 75th for weight. The doctor thinks he's getting ready for a growth spurt since he's so high in the weight department and so low in the height department (compared to what he usually is...)

Right before we left for the appointment, Michael ran into Sebastian's head and banged his eye so bad that he now has a very puffy, very black eye. I'm really shocked nobody has clled the cops on me with some of the injuries this kid gets:( He seems to be taking it all OK.

We leave for Little Rock on Sunday, Geoff is staying home to fix all the picture holes and such, so that we can put the place on the market. So Michael and I are flying to Little Rock then the Mom in Law (I'm sooooooo lucky!!!!) and I will drive back home, going through St. Louis, and be here for the movers. Then the day after the movers come, we'll clean and then head on out to syracuse, we may be going to Virginia, depending on how long the Truck will take to get from here to Syracuse, I'll be without the internet for a couple weeks. I hope everyone is well!!!!

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