Friday, April 25, 2008

Another Day, Another Playground

Well, we got some pictures of the "BIG" playground. There weren't any other kids there when we got ther, and Michael said "Where did everyone go Mommy?" So cute! After the playground, we got Ice Cream Cones. This was much more for me than for him. Up until two days ago, he wouldn't touchice cream. Well, he has changed his mind and has joined the dark side. Now he asks for it about every five minutes:) A boy after my own heart:)

These are from the ice cream party Michael and I had. It was a beautiful day and they have benches outside the shop.

Look how neat this Sign is. i think I might like the small town thing!

Here's Michael on the big playground. The building you see behind him is the town police department. Do you think this playground is safe?

Daredevil picture.

"This is how you do it mommy!"

Hanging all by himself. he's getting so big!!

The first time he did this I thought I was going to have a heart attack. It's really high!

I swear, one day, he's going to break this thing. he gets it rocking so hard the butterflies wings touch the gravel. I don't think that;s supposed to happen.

This is the veiw from the big playground. Those are our apartments (but ours is on the other side of the complex)

I Don't know why, but I had to show th epolice department. i really do like that it's so close to the playground:)

I'm in the process of making some blackout curtains for Michaels room. They're pretty plain, I'm just using some Khaki fabric (from stuff we already had), so I'm going to applique some felt stars (that bev has been sending to us since he was born) all over the curtains to make them fun. I'll show those when I'm finished. Hopefully by the end of the weekend:)

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