Friday, May 02, 2008

Big Balls, New Zoos, and First Times

You all know buy now, I'm a little addicted to taking pictures of the Boy. You may all opt out of looking, but since you are all so far away, I think you should all look!

Before I start with pictures and stories......
HAPPY VERY BELATED B-DAYS to ALISON & THERESA!!!!!!!!! I'm a horrible sister, I know it. But, in my defense, I HAVE had a lot going on:) I'll make up for it someday:)

Congratulations Christina on your last day of school for a long long time!!!!!!!
Ok, now back to the boy and me:)

We've had a fun couple weeks here. Geoff blew up Michael's big blue ball (actually the electric pump blew it up, geoff just watched). Then we played in the big grassy area by our house. Michael LOVES it when we're all able to go out and play together! As you can see, this ball is HUGE!

I told you the ball was huge!!!!!

Lovin the action!

Can anyone tell me what kind of flower this is? Geoff says it's just a clover. Doesn't look like a clover to me....

We went to the Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse for the first time. Michael and I went on a Saturday so Geoff could stay home and find stuff that we had been looking for. He did find most of it:)

Getting ready to go, all buckled up!!!!!!

Great photo op!!

Michael was a penguin, but wouldn't stay for another picture...

I thought this was a gorgeous tree!

Making friends with the big and little!

Of course, he had to climb all the rocks

riding the baby elephant statue at the Zoo

And finally!!!!!!!Michaels first day of school (well, the first one we're going to stay at since he was kicked out of the first one. he was the youngest by a year and a half, so we put him in a younger class, this one has the same age limits, but he's not the youngest anymore, so everyone is just as disruptive:)

He made a picture. the teacher did the umbrella, but he drew the rain, and decided there had to be rain ON the umbrella, as well as around the umbrella. The letter of the day was "U"

I like how the big blue ball makes it look like he has a hallo:) He's so proud!!!
Hope everyone is well and planning a fun cinco de mayo!!!!

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