Thursday, August 07, 2008

Big Boy Bikes and Other Exciting Events:)

Well, a couple of months ago Michael climed up on a two wheel Princess bicycle (with training wheels) in the store. At that point, we made a mental note to try to find his two wheel bike. Unfortunately, seems like the five dollar bike that i bought at a yard sale last year didn't end up making the trip from Chicago. So, Michael didn't have a two wheeler.
Then, right after getting home from Virginia, a 14 inch little boys bike came up on freecycle and we snatched it up. Geoff added some training wheels and Michael put on his helmet and was off in a hurry. It was love at first ride:)
First picture on the big boy bike:)
Daddy got a little thirsty after the first ride. Michael already had him at a fast paced jog. He's a little speed demon!
We also went to a new park! It's a park right on Lake Onondaga and in a few of the pictures below, you can see the lake in the background.
What you can't see too well in this picture is that those blocks all move independently of eachother and they have a pretty steep slope. I didn't think he would be able to do this. He showed me, and he did it pretty quick:)
Another ladder type thing that moves. This was taller than Geoff. You see where Michael is.
He's got one huge grape in each cheek. He was trying to put the carrot in without chewing the grapes. Didn't work. See the lake in the back?
I just love these two pictures. He's just having such a good time!
We also went to our first Syracuse Chiefs baseball game. Michael didn't last the whole time and wanted to walk around the stands the whole time, but I think we all had a good time:)

Last, but not least......I may have a job lead. A work from home personal assistant type job, but a job!!!!Keep praying!!!

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Marcia Fiedorowicz said...

He is so bloody adorable!! I love the grape cheek idea! You can save it for later!!! :)