Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Monsters

So, we all know I craft. i craft more when it's cold. And more when it's cold and we need to make Christmas presents. So while the snow looks like this
(I know you can't see it well, but the snow if very steadily falling here) We're supposed to get around 10 inches by tonight. Michael and I walked to the ear doctors for a hearing evaluation (his hearing is perfect BTW) and there was an inch and a half on the ground when we came out of the office. The roads were already getting bad too, only going to get worse. So happy we got those snow tires!!!!!!
Anyway. I make these when I get bored. You might remember the ones I did last Christmas, well, there are new kids around us this Christmas, so new Monsters. I love making these things. it's just so nice to have them looking back up at you when you're sewing them together:) Michael has certainly gotten plenty of use out of his this past year....The little yellow one is for a 1 year old girl. The pink one is for a 5 yr old and the blue one is for a 2 year old boy. All new neighbors. i do hope they enjoy them:)

And for Michael? Monster PJ bottoms! I love this flannel fabric, though it did make me long for a serger, maybe after our house sells and we get a new house:)

Close up of one of the monsters..
That's really all that's going on in the Stock household. We're just about ready for Christmas! We leave on Monday when Geoff gets of work for St. Louis and Little Rock. So excited!!!!
If I don't write again....Merry Christmas!!!!!!

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Marcia Fiedorowicz said...

I love the snow. I love the monsers. I love that the monster will have monster pj pants!!! I love that no matter how bad of a friend I have been you are still there for me!!! Thank you.