Friday, December 05, 2008


Who could ask for more. Tonight I'm driving to Buffalo to meet up with Jamie. She's there for the Nuttcracker and we'll have dinner and talk and be alone for the first time in FOREVER!!!It's about a two hour drive, and I get to do it all by MYSELF:) Listen to music and talk to myself and all by myself:) We all know how much I love my boys, but this is all so exciting!!!!
The other night we went to Lights on the Lake and had a great time. Two miles of Christmas lights, and my camera doesn't take pictures well at night while moving. You drive up Lake Onondaga and see the lake and the beautiful lights at the same time. Here's a pic that turned out "decent" just to give you a little hint.

A pic of Michael in the backseat, he loved the lights.

Afterward, we went to the Sainte Marie of the Iriquois Museum, there were trains

and Santa

That was as close as he would get. he wouldn't sit on his lap, but he did offer his lop-sided grin:)
And there were yarn spinners there. So gorgeous, but I didn't get any pics.....They also taught Geoff how to make a drop spindle, so maybe i'll get one of those for Christmas:)
We put up our Christmas tree. It's a little one this year, our big one doesn't fit in this apartmet, but here it is

And here's a close-up of the skirt. The Austin's made it for Geoff and I for our wedding. I love it so much!!!!

I had an infusion yesterday, not a minute too soon, but I feel pretty good today and they only had to stick me one. It was amazing, the very first poke and out came the blood and in went the saline and drugs!YAY!!!!!!
No News on the house yet, so keep praying, I hope I don't go crazy before all this is over....

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christina said...

Geoff is wearing the sweater we gave him! Sweet!