Friday, January 23, 2009

Daina, You're Not In Chicago Anymore

So. I went to my back door to look outside at all the marvelous snow (insert sarcasm). I saw snow. I also saw DEER!!!!Two of them. they were just hanging out, trying to find some green left on the trees or bushes. they're still there, napping. Of course, I had to get pictures. i think I'm in love:) I never would have thought I'd see a couple of deer in my backyard. These are the times I really enjoy living further out from the city....
Both of them are in this pic. You just need to look closely.

The next two are of the same deer. She came really close!

I also wanted everyone to see the massive icicles right outside our bedroom window. They've melted a little because we're having a heat wave. It's 38 degrees outside!!!
Hope all is well. Life is going on here. We've had a fun week and had a good play date yesterday. Now Michael keeps asking for his friend David:)

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Marcia Fiedorowicz said...

Having wildlife outside your place is pretty awesome! I am SO jealous! The icicles are rather frightening! They look like they could spear someone through the head if one broke off! EEEKKKK stay away from the icicles! :)