Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I keep saying I will update more regularly. I will. I promise. Maybe.
I'm thinking alot about everything that's come and gone this past year, and am trying not to dwell, but it's kinda hard this time of year. Alot of reflection, unfortunately most of it not good. So I'm gonna write it all here and try to "throw it out the door" (Michael's old speech pathologist used to use that saying when trying to rid Michael of his poor speech patterns:)I have also had tons of great things occur this year too, so I will try to list some those as well.
At the beginning of the year (January 6ish)Michael was officially (after rounds of evaluations and doctor appointments) diagnosed with ADHD with a little oppositional defiant disorder thrown in for good measure. While this diagnosis wasn't a huge surprise, it was a huge shock to actually read and hear it. While we had already read quite a few books about ADHD, we began reading alot more. We're all working with it now and doing remarkably well.
Soon thereafter, my brother got in some bad trouble with the law, and was sentenced to 10 years in prison.
February 24th marked the 4 year anniversary of my mother's death.
On March 18th, my father passed away due to a drug overdose.
In May, we discovered that Michael also has a mild form of Asperger's Syndrome. Another thing we had researched and continue to research.
Through everything, I was dealing with extra doctor appointments myself. My left arm has been tingling and numb and my right knee was in so much pain, I had to resort to the use of a cane. After many appointments and much physical therapy, no news on the arm. The knee, however, was deemed operable. In mid-September I had an arthroscopic Synovectomy and a Chondroplasty done. The recuperation has been long, due to the fact that I have very little in the way of healing capabilities, but it's coming along nicely. My Mother -in-Law was able to come up from Arkansas to help out right after the surgery. She was such a HUGE help and I am very thankful for her and my father in law. They made a visit to us three times this year (including the surgery).
In July, I fractured my left foot again. It hadn't fractured since the surgery in 2005, but since I was favoring my right side, my left had to take up the slack. I spent about three months (including the time I had my knee surgery) in a surgical shoe and/or removable cast (the boot).
During the entire year, we had to hold of on family trips due to my knee. So we're very greatful that we're finally able to become fairly active again:)
So, now it's December and all is quiet in the house. Getting ready for Christmas and doing all sorts of normal stuff with that. We're a little harried around here, but all is good.
We get to go to St. Louis for Christmas and get to see, hopefully, the entire family. Michael is counting down the days until we get to leave!
I'm busy making Christmas gifts and cookies and having a pretty good time doing that too!
This coming year is already looking great!!!

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