Tuesday, November 25, 2008

When he was in the womb

I think about this so often, but when Michael crawled his 41 pound self up on my lap this morning and said "scratch my back mommy" I instantly thought about it again. Michael likes to be scratched and rubbed, but only when he requests it. S I pretty much jump on the chance. While lightly scratching his back this morning, I took notice of his curving spine. That's the same spine that was curled up inside my womb. The legs that were beneath him. Those are the same legs that kicked the heck out of my ribs. His long body. That's the same body that would stretch so far that I thought he would break out. But now, now that's the curved spine that helps him do somersaults, those legs make him jump very far and very high and that stretch tells me he's tired.
I sometimes long for him to be back in the womb. To be able to protect him and make sure he gets the right things to eat. To make sure he doesn't jump off something to high, or get dropped on his head by his daddy (yes, that happened two weeks ago). He's growing at a speed I didn't think possible and I sometimes wish I had more control of it. But I don't. He is such a kind, loving, energetic boy, I'm glad I get to take care of him.

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Erika, Kevin, and Mason said...

You are so right, it's so wonderful to be a part of this miraculous process, and yet it's sometimes so difficult to remember those early days. Thank goodness for our scrapbooking!