Thursday, August 25, 2011

Arthroscopic Synovetomy with Video:)

This is what they will be doing to me on September 9th 2011, as long as my ekg looks good. My ekg is on Aug 31st. I'm super excited but getting a little nervous. So please pray or send happy thoughts or just some extra loving my way. All is greatly appreciated and always welcome:)
The surgeon will also be looking at a possible meniscus tear and a baker's cyst.
I'm wondering if I will get a video of my surgery?!?!?


Kelly said...

I'd be surprised if you did get one. But isn't it amazing what you can find on YouTube?!

daina said...

I know, but it's nice to want things;) I Know, right???!!!!I must have spent 2 hours looking through all the videos of medical procedure I might have to have:)