Monday, May 19, 2008

Because I said things couldn't get any worse.....

Last Monday, Grandpa Kleisly passed away. The visitation was Thursday and the funeral on Friday. It was all very lovely and very fitting and he will be missed greatly (an understatement, but the words haven't been coming easily). He had five children (all girls), 15 grandchildren (17 if you count Christina and I) and one great grandchild (Michael). I am so thankful to have seen him right before we moved here, and for him to have seen Michael.
We travelled on Tuesday and Wednesday to get there Wednesday evening. Then we travelled Saturday and Sunday to get home Sunday evening. By the time we got home Geoff and I both had horrible sinus issues. A terrible end to an even worse week.
On the good side, we got to spend some much needed family time with some much-loved family. I've said it a hundred (++++++) times and I'm sure I'll say it a million more....I married into the best family possible. I only hope that one day I can give them all they have given me.


Heather said...

Aw hon, Sorry to hear that. Rikk's grandad died last week - I'm not able to go up to Rochdale for the service which is on Wednesday, but he's going up there tomorrow. Thinking of you.

christina said...

DUDE Kyle stayed home from work yesterday because he was sick! I blame you.