Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Need prayers, lots of them

OK. This past couple months have been a bit stressful. Everyone who knows me, knows that I have a little trouble admitting when I need help. So here goes... I need help. Specifically in the nature of prayers. There's some stuff coming up in the next month that I'm a little worried about and I'm having a hard time handing it over the the One in charge. So I figure, friends and family can help too:)
First: We got moved (obviously), but our condo hasn't sold yet. We need it to sell to be able to survive. Right now we're paying a mortgage, condo assessment, rent and two sets of utilities. It's getting a bit rough. We're still fine, but you know.....People have looked at the condo for the past 4 days in a row (not sure if anyone has looked at it more than once..)
Second: I've got a doctors appointment tomorrow for a sinus issue that has been with me since Saturday. I can't let it get out of hand because of the meds I'm on.
Third: I've got a Rheumatologist appointment on the 29th. Worried about the blood tests, my liver enzymes have been high the past two tests, that's not good, especially since every single drug for Arthritis can have a bad effect on the liver. And..The Enbrel hasn't been working (at least it doesn't seem like it) and I feel like crap. He's also a new doctor for me, in a new city, at a new hospital. I really don't like finding new doctors. It took me five years to find my last rheumatologist and it takes forever to get in to see one. Then, they want to run all the tests again even if you've just had them done.
Fourth: Still laid off. Still no prospect of a good job working from home.
Fifth: I miss my Mom. This move, and everything that's happened since, has been so hard and I want my mommy.
OK. I think I'm done whining. Please pray. I know things could be worse (as I've seen in the past week), but I think I need to be a little proactive.
Thanks to all!

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