Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bragging on my Husband

So, Geoff has a lathe (wood turning machine) and he made this rattle. I love the stuff he does on this machine. He uses wood carving tools and the machine turns the wood for him. this rattle is made out of one piece of wood and the rings get formed with him and his carving tools. Then he finishes them with tung oil, so babies can chew on them, and they make such a beautiful, quiet sound. LOVE it!!


Heather said...

Wow Geoff - that's amazing. One of the things I am in awe of is woodturning/carving where people make multiple joined htings out of one piece of wood, like those rings. Rikk and I picked up a beautiful Love spoon while on holiday in Wales, I'll have to try to post a photo for you. Our one is lovely, but fairly normal carving. Some of them had carved chain links, again all from the same piece of wood, and some had little spheres trapped in cages.

Is this something he can do more of now that you're in the house?

Heather said...

And here's a site with lots of pictures of beautiful spoons.

daina said...

Beautiful! Thanks for Sharing! Geoff says thanks too. He's got his lathe set up in the basement amongst the many boxes (we're still in a townhouse, kinda like your place, but no house yet, so we don't have the room we had before)but, he can do that downstairs and not have to leave the building like before, so, yeah, he can do it more, but the sawdust drives me crazy! It throws wood everywhere!