Friday, November 07, 2008

Follow Me

Ok. I added the Follow me thing on here. So you should. So I'll feel important. Please:)
And...Had my infusion yesterday and feel about 80 percent better today than I did yesterday morning. Still a little nauseous, but it's not bad right now and will be gone by tonight (from past experience). So, seems like this drug cocktail is really doing it. Puts everyone in this house in a much better mood I tell ya! The doc is talking about putting a port in, to make the IV process easier on me and the nurses. i got stuck three times and the last time they had to thread the needle only half way in and use industrial tape and I couldn't move my wrist for three hours or it would fall out. Needless to say, not the most comfortable position and and IV in your wrist, not all that fun, we'll see about the port, just a risk of infection (everything is with me:)
We go to St. Louis next weekend for Jen Jen's wedding and we're all very excited!!! Can't wait to see everyone!If the weather cooperates tomorrow, we will be going back to Chittenango Falls and taking pictures!!!!!I did get some pics of the acorns we found (finally!) Who would have thought that oak trees would be such a hot commodity??

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