Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Because I have other things to do with my time

I keep on saying "I need to put that pic on my blog, I need to remember that for my blog, etc...." Oh well. here I am and I will put a hundred pics on today, because I forget things. Forgive me, i know not what I do.
I'll start with last week. geoff went out of town to vegas on business. For a convention. And left the boy and I here all alone with no one to entertain us. So what dod I do? Friday morning I wake up and ask Michael if he wants to go on a field trip fro the waterfall. He says yes so I start looking up water falls in the area and Niagara falls comes up (only two hours away) And he wants to go there. So....we do! How's that for spontaneity???We pack a lunch and some snacks and hit the road. Two and a half hours later, we're there. AWESOME!!! A day trip to Niagara falls! Neither of us had ever been so we were both a bit over-whelmed and we will be going back!!Sooooo great! Michael did so well and listened well and loved the water and the trees and buildings with cars in them. He really is a great kid!

The birds wouldn't leave the boy alone. i think they were looking for food. They're all crowded around him...

A friend of mine sent Michael a hand made stuffed animal. It's a Super Dragon Robot Monster Mash-up. Part Super hero, part dragon, part robot. All of Michaels favorite things:) He immediately took the cape off and told mommy "Mommy, he doesn't need the cape, he has wings" Silly Silly mommy.....
Thanks again Tisha!!!He is soooo loved:)
Then there was Halloween. michael was a Super Hero, "Super Michael" To be exact. i made his cape and applique for his tee shirt and little shoe cover-ups that looked like boots. he loved it, so I was very happy:) He was very nice on Halloween saying both trick or treat and thank you, such a nice boy!

The pumpkins were decorate instead of carved this year. The decorations were a halloweeny gift from Great Grandma in St. Louis. Thanks!!!We all loved them!

The next morning, we woke up and found a duck in our back yard. Michael and I quietly went out and sat on our back stoop and fed him some bread. He was right up on us and Michael was sitting there quiet as can be. Such a nice morning!

then, yesterday we voted...
Michael was very excited about getting ready to go vote!
And while watching the results I made "Bunny" Michael isn't very original with names yet, but what can I say? this is definitely one of my better stuffed animals. I was actually a tester for the willowtree. here's the Etsy shop where it will soon be available:) Such a great pattern!!

There are other fun pictures of the bunny and other crafty stuff on my flickr site (link at side of page) I love doing all these little animals, and I'm getting better, yay!! I really liked being a tester for the pattern too (brings out that little editor side of me) so if anyone needs a tester person again, let me know:)
We also went hiking this passed weekend. We went here I kept walking around saying "I can't believe I forgot my camera!!" So beautiful! Depending on the weather, we may go back this weekend when I'm feeling better..But i should remember to do that stuff the week after, not the week before an infusion. i'm still feeling it and I can't wait until tomorrow when i get to go sit in that chair for three hours and come away feeling better! Yes, the meds seem to be working now, but when they stop, they really stop. But they are working.
House hasn't sold, keep praying!

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