Saturday, November 22, 2008


OK. Most of this post will be about snow. First, I want to tell you all about the love spoons. heather (a friend of mine who lives in Britain, who comments here often and who I am very glad to have met during the owl swap on Craftster) left this link in a comment. I love beutiful woodworking (probably because of Geoff, YAY) and these spoons range from simple to very intricate. Gorgeous work, and everyone should look at them. We all know I'm not a spoon collector, but these may change me, so look!!!! Thanks Heather!
OK, so yesterday we got around three or four inches of snow, so Michael and I went to feed the Ducks that haven't migrated. boy were they hungry. They really get a little forceful when it get colder, and the sea gulls get down right mean!

A dead frozen spider was on the bench. I hate spiders, but I had to take this picture:P

The Soccer field was full of geese.

And then Michael kept eating the snow. I warned him about yellow snow, but he's not a very good listener. He'll find out some day!
Maw-Maw made him that hat and it makes me so happy. He walks with a jump to his step, so the fringe bops up and down with him. he gets so many smiles from the passing by cars and people:)
Then, this morning at around 9am we went sledding. I woke up to the usual Michael jumping on me and telling me it's time to get up. Added to that was "It's time to go sledding Mommy!!Daddy and me made muffins and we're ready to go!!" He's so cute! But getting heavier by the day, and my back still isn't perfect, so it cause a little pain...oh wel, the price you pay!
This is what we had outside this morning and it was 15 degrees when we left the house

Michael and Daddy just before Michael's first time down the hill. This was his first time sledding and he loved every minute of it. Even the parts where he fell!!

Went down the hill alot!

Which meant Daddy had to go down and get him ALOT!

Geoff went down once by himself and had a little trouble...

I then went down, but Daddy very rarely takes pictures, so I escaped that humiliation:)
Then Daddy and Michael came down together

And we walked home

When we got home, we all stripped out of our coats and hats and gloves and Michael out of his snow pants. We're all warm and toasty now, and michael is begging for more:) He loves the snow, thank God, because if he didn't we might be in a little trouble. i think we're in a little trouble anyway:)
And yes, I woke up to fresh baked blueberry muffins. I love weekends!!

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