Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Weather and other oddities

We got back from the wedding yesterday afternoon. It was such a beautiful wedding, unfortunately, I got NO pics of the bride and groom or wedding party. I was a little off my game. But I did get a pic of a couple of very cute cousins laying on the dance floor:)

That's obviously Michael and the little cutie girl is Jessica. They love each other! I did a bad thing. When they were leaving, Jessica asked if Michael could go home with them. I said yes laughing, but she thought i meant it. I tend to forget that 5 year olds don't know what to do with sarcasm:( I felt/feel soooooo bad. I think she'll be mad at me for a long time:(
On the way home, we stopped in Bellville Ohio to sleep for the night. Thank goodness! It was about 10 and the snow was really coming down. We got up and got on our way at around 7 (after a wonderful continental breakfast, they even had a waffle maker there:) love those waffle makers!!!
By the time we got just a little past cleveland, snow was really coming down and there was already around 6-8 inches on the ground. We were going about 30 miles per hour in our little kia, but the big rigs were passing us by very quickly! Got a little scary, but once we got through Ohio and into PA, it was just regular snow. Then New York didn't have hardly anything, hope this is the way the winter goes, everything getting dumped somewhere else but here:)Here's a look at some of the snow on the way. This was after we had passed through the really bad part, so we were a little more at ease.

Michael started one of his fevers while we were there, but it didn't slow him down any. Now hes just got a head cold, that he's passed on to me. We'll get over it:)He had no desire to have his pic taken while in the back of the car, but I did it anyway..

As most of you know, I did something to my back last week, had x-rays, no fracture (Thank God!!) After about 5 days of Muscle relaxers (only at night) and not lifting the boy and other meds, seems it's getting a little better. I can now move, just a little slow.
My ipod is broken. really broken. if anyone has an extra one that they no longer want, I would be more than happy to take it off your hands. Without an ipod, we have no music in our car, since all our cds are packed up in the basement somewhere:( So keep that in your mind. Extra ipod=extra good friend for Daina:)I also have no music to listen to during my infusions. So I'll get to listen to the beep beep beep of all the IV machines instead...
Also, before we left, Michael and I went to the library and stopped by the duck pond to give some bread to the ducky friends. This is what happened....

They seem hungry, huh? I really thought they would be gone by now, but I'm starting to wonder if they leave. It was about 30 degrees outside and they started hovering. Michael loves his friends, looks like we have a few extra mouths to feed this winter!
We're having fun here and had a great time in St. Louis. We won't be traveling again until Christmas, but we're excited about that too!!!

A couple surprising things about being home:
No one broke into my house and cleaned. Very upsetting.
Gas is nearly a dollar higher up here than it was further south. We were paying about 1.80 during the whole trip. Here, we're running about 2.50.
Michael isn't so bad in the car anymore. Still doesn't sleep much, but not so much crying or whining.
Donato's Pizza doesn't sound nearly as good during a snow storm when you're driving on the highway. Guess I'll have to wait until Christmas for my pizza:(
Do I need to unpack? I mean, I'll be packing up again in a few weeks anyway:)
Much love to all!


Heather said...

Glad the wedding was good - prep for my sister's one on the 10th of Jan is in full swing :)

That pic of the trees is seriously beautiful!

daina said...

Thanks! That was my favorite pic of the snow!